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The Accomplice of your success …

Whether professional, family or festive, above all planned to perfection; the event fulfils its true purpose. MYEvents writes the tailored-made scenario of a successful celebration, sharing its expertise and knowledge of the best partners.

… personal

Marriage Proposal

A Marriage proposal, now that’s something that can’t be improvised. If you want to be advised, inspired, or simply carry out the scenario you’ve dreamed of for several months, MYEvents will accompany you in fulfilling the most beautiful project of your life…

Hen Nights and Stag do’s

Before the big day, the Hen Night or the Stag Do is the much-anticipated celebration amongst those closest to you. MYEvents organises a party that will be remembered for years to come by your circle of friends.

Wedding Anniversaries

Cotton, Crystal, Silver, Pearl, Golden, Diamond…Platinum! The years that pass are occasions to be celebrated, whether in intimacy, or in the company of your loved ones, the anniversary and longevity of a happy marriage!

Weddings & Engagements

Leave the organising of your Wedding in MYEvents hands, all that’s left for you to do is to sit back, relax & enjoy your big day. Tailor-made ideas, unusual themes, exceptional locations, with MYEvents you’ll benefit from the expertise and the address book of those best in the business.

New Born

The arrival of a new baby, yet another opportunity to bring together your nearest and dearest to celebrate your happiness. MYEvents inspires and guides you, so you can make your announcement in a spectacular fashion!

Bar Mitzvah

Becoming an adult, undoubtedly an occasion that deserves to be celebrated. Traditionally with a party of family and friends, organized by MYEvents.

Academic Success & Achievements

Baccalaureate, Diploma, the first vital contract, and all that follows… Personal achievements are the moments we can share with our friends or amongst family. MYEvents has the perfect recipe in order to celebrate your success.


Whether it’s for your wife’s 40th or your sons 16th, all their friends will come together thanks to the help of MYEvents.


… and professional

Exclusive Preview, Grand Unveiling of the Shop, or Promotional Operation

For all your functions MYEvents organises and brings together the ways & means of their success; caterers, equipment hire, security, host and hostesses …

Seminars & conferences

From the hire of the most brilliant premises, to the reception and welcoming of your guests and associates throughout the duration of your event. MYEvents takes care of the organisation, logistics and hospitality management the right way through from A to Z.

Team Building

Gather your teams around a theme, organize activities, plan details of their business trips, MYEvents will get you in contact with the best providers and will relieve you of the burden of the organisation.

Enterprise lunch and business meeting

Your important meetings should take place in the best of conditions; MYEvents leaves its address book of the best premises and the best caterers as well as the material you need.

DMC of your worldwide clients

Welcoming them, organizing their stay, their trips and assuring the utmost comfort on the job, MYEvents looks after your foreign clients while in France.